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Do you know how a forehead lift is done? So don’t miss the article; Because this process is very effective in rejuvenating the face. This method has a great effect on improving horizontal and deep lines that make a person angry, sad, or tired. A forehead lift also known as a brow lift is common for patients between the ages of 40 and 60, which helps to reduce the signs of aging. Read the article to the end for more information. Also, visit Blue Angel Clinic, the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, for consultation.


forehead lift


Forehead lift at a glance

  • Operation duration: 1 to 3 hours
  • Side effects: temporary numbness, discomfort, itching, and swelling. Hair loss may occur at the edges of the wound.
  • Recovery: return to work after 7 to 10 days (patients who are operated on endoscopically recover sooner). Engaging in vigorous physical activity after several weeks. Do not expose to sunlight or heat for several months.
  • Risks: Rarely infection and bleeding in the case of a classic forehead lift, numbness of the scalp behind the forehead incision may be observed.
  • Results: brow lift is long-lasting and reduces the effects of aging.
  • Operation technique: Using the classic forehead lift method or the open method, the best subspecialty of plastic surgery creates a continuous incision that starts from the level of the ear and goes up to the hairline. The incision is usually made behind the hairline where the scar is not visible. In the endoscopic lift method, instead of a large circular incision, the surgeon makes 3 or 5 smaller incisions in the gap of the head; where a scope is inserted into one of the incisions. This method allows the best plastic surgeon in Dubai to see the tissue and muscles on the monitor.
  • Patient status: in most cases, outpatient or at most one-day hospitalization.
  • Anesthesia: general, local with sedation

Who is the good candidate for a brow lift?

  1. Expect reasonable results from forehead lift surgery.
  2. Have good physical health and do not have any cognitional disease.
  3. Do not smoke.
  4. Have deep wrinkles on their foreheads.
  5. To be faced with an excessive drooping of the eyebrows in a hereditary manner.
  6. They are unhappy with their frown line because it makes them look tired and nervous.

Preparation before forehead lift

First, the patient must have a consultation with a good plastic surgeon in Dubai. In the consultation session, the best plastic surgeon, in addition to analyzing the patient’s medical records, chooses the best treatment method and provides the patient with a relatively clear picture of the final result.

It is recommended to get more information before the forehead lifts. For this purpose, see the before and after the forehead lift photos so that you can know what is waiting for you. Prescribed tests are mandatory for patients before surgery.

It is recommended to avoid smoking at least 4 weeks before the brow lift because smoking interferes with the healing process of surgical wounds. 2 weeks before surgery, avoid using painkillers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and vitamin E.

Other pre-operative instructions :

  • If you have a severe cold, you should postpone the procedure until you have fully recovered.
  • 8 hours before the operation, eating and drinking are generally prohibited and the person must go to the clinic fasting.
  • Be sure to take a bath the night before the forehead lift.
  • Women should come to the clinic without any makeup or nail polish on the day of brow lift surgery.
  • Patients should wear loose clothes that are easy to change
  • Avoid wearing any type of metal device such as headbands, bracelets, watches, etc. on the day of the operation.

Forehead lift process

This technique is mainly performed by intravenous injection or general anesthesia; But sometimes it can be performed with local anesthesia. In most techniques, the incisions are hidden in the hairline. Some surgeons use endoscopic techniques while others use open surgery methods. A major part of choosing one of the two mentioned techniques, by the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, depends on factors such as the high hair growth line or hair loss in the patient. In some patients with asymmetric eyebrows, the brow lift treats the issue. Of course, in some cases, this asymmetry is due to factors such as the size of the scalp and differences in the soft tissue, which will make the treatment process more difficult in these conditions. This technique can be combined with upper or lower eyelid surgery, facelift,or other cosmetic surgeries.

Classic forehead lift

before the classic forehead lift, the hair is closed with a rubber band. The hair is not shaved; only the area that grows right in front of the cut line must be shaved. A coronal incision is used in most patients. This action is similar to a pattern similar to headphones, which starts from the level of the ear and moves to the top of the forehead and then to the bottom of the other side of the head. This cut is usually made right behind the hair growth line so that the scar is not visible.

In patients who are bald or have hair loss, a median scalp incision, which follows the natural pattern of the skull bone, is recommended. When you bring your hair to your forehead, most of these scars disappear. After making the incision, the forehead skin is carefully pulled up, so that the underlying tissue can be removed and the forehead muscles can be repositioned. The brow is also lifted and excess skin in the incision area is trimmed to help create a more youthful face and smoother skin. The incisions are closed with surgical sutures or staples. Your face and hair are washed to prevent allergic reactions. Some plastic surgeons do not use dressings, But others cover the wound with a gauze pad or an elastic bandage

Endoscopic forehead lift

An endoscopic brow lift usually requires the same preparatory measures as in the traditional or classic procedure. The hair is tied back and the hair behind the hairline, where the incisions are made, is trimmed. Instead of making one long coronal incision, the surgeon makes three, four, or five short scalp incisions that are less than an inch long. An endoscope, which is a pen-shaped camera device connected to a monitor, is inserted through one of the incisions.

The best plastic surgeon in Dubai can see the muscles and tissues under the skin very well. Using instruments inserted through another incision, the forehead skin is lifted and the underlying muscles and tissues are removed or repositioned to create smoother skin. The eyebrows are also raised and placed in a higher position with sutures below the surface of the skin, or with the use of temporary fixation screws behind the hairline. After the Endoscopic forehead lift is completed, the scalp incisions are closed with sutures or surgical staples, and the treatment area is washed. Gauze and elastic bandages are used as your surgeon’s preference.

The plastic surgeon in the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, according to the needs of the individual, uses one of the two techniques to perform the forehead lift. At the end of the surgery, the surgeon uses non-absorbable sutures, absorbable sutures, or surgical staples. Removal of non-absorbable sutures is usually done 10 days after surgery. Sometimes Slight swelling, pain, bruising and temporary numbness are experienced by the patient.

Forehead lift post-operative instructions

  • During the recovery period after surgery, your skin is sensitive. This is normal and will disappear over time.
  • To reduce swelling and bruising, place an ice compress on the treatment area during the first two days after the procedure.
  • Sleep on your back for 5-7 days after brow lift and avoid putting pressure on your face.
  • Preferably keep your head up and place two to three pillows under your head while sleeping.
  • If you feel pain and stretching in the treatment area, use painkillers prescribed by the best forehead lift surgeon in Dubai.
  • Swelling and bruising after the procedure is normal and will disappear gradually.
  • Due to the temporary numbness of the treatment area, do not use hot water while bathing or washing your face.
  • Do not forget to walk and avoid bending and lifting heavy objects.
  • After a week, you can return to your workplace but avoid heavy activities.


In general, forehead lift rejuvenates the upper third of the face. The result obtained from the process is to remove tired, sad, and drooping eyebrows, remove forehead wrinkles and lines between the two eyebrows and remove drooping and laxity of the skin in the upper eyelid area. This process, by affecting the upper eyelids and eyebrows, causes the eyes to open. All these factors together have a positive effect on the rejuvenation of a person’s face.

Brow lift cost

The cost of a forehead lift in Dubai varies depending on the experience of the surgeon, and the extent of the surgery. Some factors affecting the cost of surgery include the following:

  1. type of anesthesia
  2. The cost of treatment equipment
  3. Cost of prescribed drugs
  4. Surgeon’s fee
  5. The cost of prescription tests

During the consultation session, the surgeon will inform you about the cost after conducting the necessary examination.

How to reduce swelling after forehead lift?

After completing the procedure, the best plastic surgeon in Dubai advises his patient about post-procedure care instructions and considering that swelling is one of the most obvious side effects of this cosmetic procedure, the doctor recommends ways to reduce it. This swelling teaches the patient. Some of these solutions are as follows:

  1. Use an ice pack to help reduce swelling.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Keep the head up and place two or more pillows under the head when sleeping. Do this for 2 to 3 days.
  4. Arnica and bromelain are natural supplements that significantly help reduce swelling.
  5. Limit your physical activities and avoid smoking for a few weeks after brow lift.
  6. The use of blood thinners, some vitamins, and natural supplements is prohibited for some time after forehead lift.
  7. Eating certain foods containing salicylates, such as olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, dates, and raisins, is not recommended for a few weeks after a forehead lift due to the effect of increasing swelling.

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