Woman torso in underwear with medical marks for plastic surgery or liposuction


Everyone wants a smooth and sculpted body contour, and the reality is that in Dubai several plastic surgery procedures can accomplish just that. Pregnancies, weight gain, and weight loss can leave a woman’s abdomen stretched, scarred, loose, and saggy. Many men also suffer from unsightly fat around the stomach, waist, and love handles.
Both men and women have areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Buttocks Surgical Treatments

This surgery can be done using buttock implants or fat injections or in some cases a combination of both. The shape and tone of the underlying tissue supporting the skin and fat appear fuller, resulting in a desirable round projection of the buttocks.
You and the plastic surgeon will determine the most ideal contour, size, and shape.

This procedure is done by liposuction, and other techniques to melt excess fat from the buttocks and tight the skin

Non Surgical Buttocks

This is an excellent option for patients who aren’t interested in getting surgery but want to improve the appearance of the buttocks. This targets the cellulite of the buttocks and improves the appearance and the quality of the skin. This is done with unique injections, threads, and subcision.

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