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Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that improves the shape of the nose and corrects its functional defects. Considering that a nose job is a surgery that is performed on the face, you may think that it has nothing to do with the parts of the body that we use during exercise, and thus we can continue our exercise program as usual. The rhinoplasty surgeon at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, in correcting this mindset of some patients, explains that although the nose is a part of the body that is not used much during exercise, compared to the hands and feet and other parts, after any surgical procedure, the body needs recovery time to be able to go through the recovery period successfully. Carrying out heavy activities before the proper time after an invasive surgery can leave adverse effects on the treatment result and even destroy the obtained result. In this article, we will describe the right time to exercise after rhinoplasty.


Exercise after rhinoplasty


Risks of early exercise after rhinoplasty

As mentioned, although the nose seems unrelated to other parts of the body, any activity you do has a systemic effect, the effects of which are visible on the face. In a simple statement, we must say that after any facial surgery, including rhinoplasty, the whole body must recover. Mild to intense sports activities increase the heart rate and increase blood pressure, so it is recommended to be patient to start exercising after rhinoplasty. With high blood pressure, it can be assumed that the treated organ will be at risk of bleeding and some other complications. In addition to these, you will experience swelling which will make the healing process longer and thus have adverse effects on the outcome of the process.

During the recovery period, in addition to keeping your heart rate low, you must also protect your nose from any possible injuries. As you can imagine, the nose is extremely sensitive and vulnerable after surgery, so any possible impact can cause serious damage to this; Therefore avoidance exercise after rhinoplasty is necessary.

Pay attention to the fact that any contact, even to the extent of touching the nose to wipe the sweat from it, can waste all the efforts of the rhinoplasty surgeon and yourself and turn the dream of having a beautiful nose into a mirage.

To take care of your nose to achieve the result you are impatiently waiting for, and also to prevent the need to perform nose reconstructive surgery due to an injury to the nose, the best solution is to refrain from exercising after rhinoplasty for a period. It is for six months. Although the following guide provides you with a general guideline, the best strategy is to listen to the instructions of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai and the voice of the body.

If you feel dizzy, if you have pain in the nasal area or feel your nose tickling, or if you feel that the swelling of your nose has increased, be sure to stop exercising. Sometimes, it will take a long time to return to the level of exercise you followed before the surgery, and the body will need a long time to spend the recovery period and reach full recovery.

A general timeline for exercise after rhinoplasty

Resting for 7 days after surgery is the best course of action. Limit exercise after rhinoplasty to walking around the house for a maximum of 20 minutes. This walking will improve your blood circulation, thus preventing the risk of blood clots and slowing down the healing process.

Do not exercise after rhinoplasty if you feel tired or short of breath. This is a sign of increased heart rate, which can put you at risk of bleeding.

Your main focus during the first week after surgery should be on a successful recovery and using the medications prescribed by your doctor, as directed. In this way, you can significantly help reduce swelling and bruising. So the re-emphasis of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai is to rest and don’t forget to hydrate your body. You should keep your heart rate low during the recovery period.

2 to 4 weeks after rhinoplasty

At this point after the surgery, the stitches have been pulled and your nasal splint has been removed. On the day of these two processes, give your body a 24-hour rest and stay away from all physical activities which means you should avoid exercise after rhinoplasty. After this process, you can slowly increase the duration of your walk and do physical activities that have zero effect on the result of the nose. Make sure that you should not do any impact sports or speed sports. Strength exercises are allowed if no pressure is applied to the nose. Keep the intensity of the pressure applied to the body during weight lifting at a light level.

Avoid activities such as cycling. You may think that riding a bicycle does not put pressure on the body, but the risk of falling and injuring your nose threatens. While performing activities such as yoga that are seemingly very gentle, you should eliminate the parts that involve bending the head down.

When your heart rate increases, the chance of bleeding increases. This risk will also happen when directing blood to the nose. In addition, during this period, the nose is still sensitive and you should avoid running and swimming. Also, you increase the level of physical activities and sports after a nose job only to the level of 50%.

4 to 6 weeks after rhinoplasty

After the first month of recovery, increasing the duration and intensity of activity is unimpeded. About the exercise after rhinoplasty, It is very important to listen to your body. If you used to exercise at home until now, you can now resume exercise in the gym after rhinoplasty. But be careful not to expose your nose to risks such as trauma

You can do activities such as yoga and strength sports to the level of 80%. Because your body has rested more during the recovery period, you will see that your body has undergone some changes. Do not worry. After the recovery period, you can restore your beautiful body by resuming sports activities and this time you will have a beautiful body with a beautiful nose.

If your nasal incisions are fully healed, you can add swimming to your list of sports activities. But you should still avoid impact sports and not increase the level of strength sports above 80%.

Exercise after rhinoplasty after 6 weeks

For most people, the structure of the nose reaches full coherence in the sixth week after surgery. Although this means that you can resume high-intensity sports, you should still avoid sports activities where the possibility of nose trauma is not far off. At this stage, do not forget to consult with the best surgeon for rhinoplasty in Dubai and apply his recommendations.

Of course, each patient has his unique characteristics, but in general, it takes a few months to a year to complete the recovery period. Even after 6 months, your nose is still vulnerable to damage. If you are active in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, and similar sports, you need to use reliable protectors to protect your nose against any possible impact.

Pushing through the recovery period at a faster than normal rate can potentially hurt the outcome of the surgery. Although sometimes adapting to the requirements of the recovery period is tiring and exhausting, when you think that your reward for this patience and tolerance is a beautiful nose that you are going to enjoy for a lifetime. You will find additional motivation.

Exercise after rhinoplasty  – Aerobics

Sports such as cycling, aerobics, and running should be avoided for ten days after surgery. High blood pressure during this period can increase the risk of bleeding and, as a result, the risk of infection and affect the result of rhinoplasty. Due to the direct effect of blood flow on the nose, heavy activities should be avoided for about 3 to 4 weeks, but walking is allowed after this period and sports such as football, hockey, boxing, and sports, Therefore, they should be postponed for at least 6 weeks. It is better to give the nose a chance to have a good recovery. Of course, the exact period of refraining from exercise after nose job varies in different people, depending on the type of surgery and the speed of the recovery period.

Exercise after rhinoplasty  – Swimming

Until the skin of the outer and inner part of your nose is not completely healed, you should avoid swimming and go to the pool. Sometimes pools are more polluted than the sea and this increases the risk of infection. Skin improvement is usually achieved 3 to 4 weeks after rhinoplasty.

Although infection is an important concern related to swimming after rhinoplasty, a bigger concern is trauma to the nose. The period of vulnerability of the operated nose after rhinoplasty is 6 to 12 weeks, and considering that in the swimming pool, there is a high probability of hitting and hitting the nose, so you should avoid it.

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