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Most rhinoplasty patients experience anxiety and worry as the surgery day approaches. Of course, this is completely normal; Therefore, the more the patient tries to learn more about the details of the surgery, get more information about it, and get the necessary rhinoplasty preparation, the less his or her anxiety and worry before the operation. One of the most important parts of this preparation process is familiarizing yourself with the procedures before nose surgery, which the best nose surgeon in Dubai will describe in the rest of this article and introduce you to its details.


Rhinoplasty preparation


In this guide, all the tips and instructions for preparing for nose surgery are presented, called rhinoplasty preparation, and it is very important to follow them carefully before surgery. By following these tips, you can help your rhinoplasty process go better and be successful. When the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai provides you with most of the information you need, he will discuss with you what you should do before the nose job.

To prepare the body as best as possible to face new conditions during surgery and after, the most important action is to maintain health and peace. Staying healthy and relaxed is very important and this can help ensure a smooth recovery period that doesn’t take too long.

The most important rhinoplasty preparation:

Avoid drinking alcohol. Since the date of your nose job is approaching, you should also avoid drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol not only causes dehydration and loss of water in your body, but it can also reduce the strength and ability of your immune system and generally disrupt recovery. Look for other ways to relax in the days leading up to your rhinoplasty date and avoid drinking alcohol to help you relax.

Quit smoking at least a few weeks before and after nose surgery. We do not want to judge your habits, but we advise you to use the opportunity of rhinoplasty as a good opportunity to quit your smoking habit. You should avoid smoking for at least one week before the nose job and for one week after during the recovery process.

Avoid taking aspirin and similar drugs. Aspirin and warfarin and similar drugs are blood thinners and it is better to stop using them before surgery. These drugs also prolong the recovery period.

Among other rhinoplasty preparation, it can be mentioned not to use topical creams. At least four days before your procedure date, you are advised to avoid using topical creams on your face.

Try not to be exposed to sunlight as much as possible. UV rays or ultraviolet light from the sun can damage your skin and cause problems in the healing process.

Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours before rhinoplasty. A rule is not to drink or eat for a certain period before the nose job.
One of the most important rhinoplasty preparation is to stop taking some medications except with the doctor’s prescription and discretion.

Medicines that you should avoid before nose surgery:

What kind of medicine should you stop taking before the operation or what medicines can be used is one of the rhinoplasty preparation and you will be told by the best nose operation doctor in Dubai:

  • Vitamin E: Although it is normal to take multivitamins very well for the body, you should avoid taking vitamin E in the week leading up to rhinoplasty.
  • Clopidogrel: It is better to consult your surgeon regarding the need to stop taking this drug.
  • Celebrex: Stop taking this drug at least one week before your surgery date.

Some supplements can cause reactions to anesthetics and affect bleeding. Avoid fish oil, ginseng, and garlic.

What you can eat the day before your nose surgery:

Although you should not eat or drink anything from midnight before the nose job, this does not mean that you should fast at all. For example, increasing the amount of protein consumed in the diet is a good idea. Therefore, eat foods containing high protein such as chicken, soy, meat, yogurt, eggs, beans, and lentils. Be careful that nutrition is one of the most important rhinoplasty preparation.

According to the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, not only the day before the operation but weeks before the date of your rhinoplasty surgery, including the above-mentioned items in your diet. Protein is beneficial to help speed up the recovery period and help overcome any damage experienced during the process.

Also, keep in mind that eating jelly and fruits containing vitamin C can help your healing process a lot. The healthier diet you have before your nose surgery, the better the result will be.

Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon

Another rhinoplasty preparation that has a significant impact on the outcome of the surgery is choosing a good and experienced nose surgeon in the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai. Since nose job is not a necessary surgery, it is recommended to spend enough time choosing a good surgeon so that you can get the best result from the rhinoplasty operation with the right choice.

the related article about the best surgeon for rhinoplasty in Dubai, we have mentioned all the things that you should consider when choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon. Be sure to read that article.

The importance of consultation before rhinoplasty

It can be said that one of the most important steps in rhinoplasty preparation is the consultation you will have with your nose surgeon. After choosing the best nose surgeon, a date for this meeting will be set by the doctor. The main goal is for the surgeon to perform the necessary investigations to find out how good the patient is a candidate for the operation. In this meeting, you must provide the doctor with complete information about your health, the sensitivities you have, and your wishes and goals for surgery; In general, these are as follows:

  1. Diseases you have had in the past
  2. Special treatment procedures that have been done for you
  3. Surgeries you have done before and the result
  4. Drug sensitivities
  5. Your reason for the action and model you want

After examining these cases, the best nose surgeon in Dubai prescribes tests that should be performed before surgery. Also, in line with the procedures before the nose surgery, it provides recommendations regarding the way to eat, take medicine, use tobacco, and the amount of rest you need before the surgery, and it is mandatory to follow them. For nose surgery, you must take every step seriously; Because every item has an impact on the result.

Preparation tips before nose surgery

Prepare a quiet and comfortable place for your rest:

One of the most important rhinoplasty preparation is choosing a suitable place to spend the recovery period at home. When you feel sleepy after surgery, you want to go home early and rest in your warm and soft bed. Preparing a comfortable place to rest during the recovery period is a must. Choose a place at home that is cozy. Get the medicines recommended by the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai and make them available to you at that place. Also, put some essentials that you think are your favorite and can entertain you during the recovery period, in this place.

Prepare foods and put them in the refrigerator:

Preparing food during the recovery period can become a challenge for you. In addition, your sense of taste and smell will be affected by the operation of the nose for some time and may affect the quality of the food prepared by you. For this reason, it is better to prepare and refrigerate foods that are easy to heat before surgery, and only heat and eat them during the recovery period. So, for your comfort during the recovery period, including the preparation of food before surgery in the list of actions before your nose surgery.

Does menstruation on the day of rhinoplasty affect the result of this surgery?

In general, menstruation does not cause any disturbance in the surgical process and there is no prohibition of menstruation interfering with nose surgery. Of course, the attending physician may recommend to women who experience mood changes during this period due to hormonal fluctuations, to perform rhinoplasty after the end of the menstrual cycle for their mental comfort.

The importance of rhinoplasty preparation

Some applicants believe that it is only post-operative care that makes the result acceptable. But this issue does not apply to nose surgery; Rather, it is necessary to take any necessary preparation before surgery seriously. Because these recommendations help the person’s body to prepare for the operation and avoid serious problems such as heavy bleeding, the acute reaction of the body to injectable drugs, and other possible complications during the procedure.

For a better explanation, we give this example; Imagine that you are not careful in choosing a surgeon, which is one of the pre-operative preparation, and you choose someone for this job without paying attention. If he does not have enough experience and expertise, he may not choose the right technique for the operation, the nose model may not be in harmony with the face, and in general, it will cause many problems for you.

Rhinoplasty preparation – Tests before nose surgery

The nose surgeon prescribes the necessary tests to control blood coagulation and in general to check the person’s health status, and the person must perform them before the nose surgery.

  • Pregnancy test in women
  • PT & PTT: control blood coagulation problem
  • FBS
  • HIV
  • HBsAg
If you have a cold before the nose job, can you still do this surgery?

If you have a cold before rhinoplasty surgery, it is strongly recommended to postpone this surgery until after recovery. Because when you have a cold, your nose and sinuses are involved, and performing nose surgery during this period can cause difficult conditions after the surgery and disrupt your recovery process.

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