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Rhinoplasty is one of the cosmetic procedures that many people tend to do. However, there are factors involved in reaching the result that you want, and the most important of them is the nose surgeon. Obviously, choosing right or wrong can bring different outcomes. In this article, we will help you to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai. You can visit the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, Blue Angel Poly Clinic.


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How to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai ?

Valid medical license

A valid medical license is required to legally perform surgery. The medical license shows that a good rhinoplasty surgeon  can be active in the public and private sectors without restrictions. This license also indicates the completion of academic training courses, internships and other courses required to obtain a license.

Board-certified plastic surgeon

This board indicates the successful completion of valid courses and success in the comprehensive test of oral and written competence in obtaining medical expertise. This certificate confirms that the surgeon has practical skills, artistic skills, compassion, honesty, education and extensive surgical experience ; therefore they can be referred to as the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai.


Although finding a surgeon licensed in plastic surgery or facial plastic surgery is a good start, it does not necessarily mean that the surgeon will be able to create a satisfactory cosmetic result. A good surgeon must have expertise in the field of surgery you are looking for and have performed this surgery many times . In other word they have dedicated most of their working life to gaining experiences exclusively in this particular field.

Public approval

Another reassuring indicator of the quality of Dubai best nose surgeon performance is verbal confirmation among your trusted people. Satisfaction with the positive surgical result, the surgeon’s performance and companionship, paying attention to the patient’s concerns and proper and constant care  are important factors in choosing a good rhinoplasty surgeon. Additionally, when multiple corroborations are collected from independent sources, the level of confidence increases.

A quality consultation

A productive consultation can be seen as an opportunity to accurately diagnose the problem, draw up a treatment plan, convey relevant information such as alternatives, risks and anticipated outcomes, etc. Some surgeons spend little time examining or listening to the patient. While the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai considers the consultation session to be one of the most important stages of nose surgery. In this way, he tries to listen well to the patient and guide him or her in the best way.

An ideal rhinoplasty surgeon has the following characteristics:

  • Focusing on nose job with years of experience
  • Using precise yet gentle and minimally invasive techniques
  • Having expertise in reconstructive nose surgery
  • Having aesthetic knowledge
  • Having a brilliant record in the nose job
  • Possessing a leading position and excellence in the use of advanced and up-to-date techniques in the field of nose surgery
  • Having the ability to establish a good relationship with the patients and be honest with them

Consequences of not choosing a good surgeon for rhinoplasty

When we get to know the different aspects of nose surgery and its process in general, we understand that this procedure is a very sensitive which millimeter changes are involved. This means that even the smallest defects can cause considerable deformity and functional problems. nose surgery is actually a miniature surgery, which elegance, artistic look, having a comprehensive scientific scope in the field of nose surgery and be aware of the most advanced technologies in the world are the inevitable characteristics of a good rhinoplasty surgeon. Lack of research to find a good surgeon, not only leaves defects on the appearance of nose, but also leads to functional problems.

What questions does the best rhinoplasty surgeon answer during the consultation session?

During the consultation session with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai , it is necessary to ask questions . Some of these questions are as follows:

  1. Do you have a specialized board in nose surgery?
  2. Can I see the archive of before and after photos of your other patients?
  3. Am I a good candidate for nose job?
  4. What technique do you suggest to perform my nose job? Open or closed ?
  5. What percentage of your patients have undergone revision rhinoplasty?
  6. If revision nose job is needed, what options are right for me?
  7. What will my recovery period be like?
  8. What should I to ensure the best results from nose surgery?
  9. Do you use a computer simulation technique to visualize the changes that are going to happen in my nose?
  10. Are my aesthetic goals reasonable?

What techniques does a good rhinoplasty surgeon use?

The best surgeon for nose job uses different techniques according to the nasal needs of each patient. He will first evaluate your face and talk to you about the expected changes. After that, he suggests one of the following procedures to create your desired nose:

Open technique :

During this procedure, the doctor makes a small incision under the tip of the nose, between the nostrils. Therefore, the nasal structures will be easily accessible. This technique is more recommended for people who need extensive changes in their nose.

Closed technique:

Using closed technique, the doctor makes incisions inside the nostrils. patients whose nose structure needs minor changes can benefit from this technique. Fortunately, no visible scars are left after the closed nose surgery technique.

Tip plasty

Using this technique, the best rhinoplasty surgeon only reshapes the tip of the nose without changing the other structures. He can use the open or closed technique for the patient’s tip plasty



The cost of nose surgery by the best rhinoplasty surgeon

As you all know nose job is a common cosmetic surgery worldwide. According to the international statistics presented, nose surgery is one of the best and most popular surgeries that are performed every year in different parts of the world. Some other factors are influential and decisive in determining the final price of nose job. If you are planning to undergo nose job, better to visit Blue Angel Clinic in Dubai and have your operation performed by the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

How to choose the best surgeon for rhinoplasty in Dubai

The first step is to search the best plastic surgeon  in Dubai on Google; as result a list of plastic surgeons will be displayed.

People can visit the doctor’s website and  gallery or the Instagram page to observe the before and after images.

Patients can get information about the expertise, experience, level of skill, etc. of the surgeon in the “about the doctor” section on the site.

After these steps, the person can go to the office in person to have a consultation with the rhinoplasty surgeon and talk about his expectations from the nose surgery. The nose surgeon will give the person a general view of the nose job process according to the type and structure of the nose.

A person can talk to the patients who are present in the office and inquire about their level of satisfaction with cosmetic surgery. According to the cases mentioned above, a person can confidently choose a surgeon. A successful nose job surgery is based on the right choices like choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai .

Advantages of choosing the best surgeon for rhinoplasty

nose job not only changes the appearance of your nose, but also affects your mental and physical health.

When a good, skilled and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon performs your nose job, you will have other benefits besides changing the shape of your nose. In general, it causes benefits such as increasing the level of self-confidence and improving the quality of breathing and sleep.

a good nose surgery result increases your self-confidence. The feeling you have about your appearance is very effective in enjoying a happy life with satisfaction. Unfortunately, when defects in the nose, as the most prominent part of the face, destroys your satisfaction with your appearance, feeling of unattractiveness,  affects your self-confidence and reduces it. This is where the best rhinoplasty surgeon will help you and gives you a better feeling by performing an excellent surgery. As a result, your self-confidence increases and this positive feeling is reflected in your life.

Successful nose job will help you achieve more success in life. A well-groomed and attractive appearance can leave positive effects in our daily communication. For example, if you are a model or an actress, and you need to have a well-groomed face in front of the camera, having a beautiful nose can help you a lot during this successful path. Many actresses have benefited from this surgical process and improved the attractiveness of their faces. Increasing self-confidence also affects the others point of view.

if you need revision rhinoplasty, be careful about choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon. This procedure will help you get rid of the defects left from the initial surgery.

Considering that nose job is a difficult and delicate procedure, if patients fail to choose the best surgeon for rhinoplasty, they may expose themselves to the risks and damages of an unfavorable result. Therefore, they will need to undergo revison nose job . Nose revision surgery is a complex process because it must be performed on a nose that has undergone surgery once. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a skilled nose surgeon to solve the problems left by the initial unfavorable operation.

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