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Tummy tuck aftercare is one of the important issues that can affect the outcome of the surgery. Tummy tuck in Dubai is performed to create a flat stomach by removing excess fat from the abdomen and hips and removing sagging skin and wrinkles. In this article, we are going to tell you some tips about abdominoplasty aftercare. also, following these tips will speed up the recovery process and create desirable results. When patients visit the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, the doctor will inform them of these tips.


Tummy Tuck Aftercare


What foods help a person recover faster after abdominal surgery?

Since people have abdominoplasty to achieve a flat stomach, one of their concerns after the surgery is what to eat. Therefore, regarding the tummy tuck aftercare, the doctor advises them on how to eat. In general, after complete recovery, you can eat any kind of food and there is no 100% restriction. However, to maintain your new style, it is better to make the most of your diet with healthy foods. But regarding the recovery period, for the body to return to its normal state as quickly as possible and the tissues and wounds to be repaired, the best plastic surgeon in Dubai recommends the consumption of some kind of food to make your recovery process go faster and better.

Drinking water: Dehydration of the body after tummy tuck surgery may become a problem. Some people refuse to drink water because of the nausea they have after the operation, But you should know that drinking a lot of fluids helps the tissues to recover faster.

Protein materials: meat, legumes, egg whites and dairy products are all rich in protein and their consumption is important during the recovery period.

Vitamins: To prevent infection after tummy tuck in Dubai, you should include vitamins A and C in your diet. Vitamin A is found in dairy products and eggs, and vitamin C is found in tomatoes, strawberries, and vegetables. Also, a group of vitamins can help reduce swelling after surgery.

Zinc: You can use cereals, nuts, and different types of meat to get zinc to the body. Zinc helps build new cells and increase body energy.

tummy tuck aftercare is not only limited to what we should do, but it is also necessary to avoid dealing with several things. The best plastic surgeon in Dubai, in addition to the above, does not consider it desirable not to consume certain foods after abdominal surgery. Foods that you should not eat after abdominoplasty include:

  • Salt; due to increasing inflation
  • Drinks like soft drinks cause bloating.
  • alcoholic drinks; Because alcohol thins the blood, reduces the effect of painkillers, and slows down the recovery process.

Wearing compression stockings after abdominal surgery

One of the tummy tuck aftercare that is very important is wearing a compression garment. For the following several reasons, the best abdominoplasty surgeon in Dubai asks you to use special medical compresses:

Swelling reduction: After surgery, most patients experience some degree of swelling, which is completely normal. Wearing a gown causes relative pressure to be applied to the surgical tissues and does not create a space for excess body fluids to accumulate.

Acceleration of recovery: due to the pressure that the medical gene of the abdomen exerts on the tissues of the abdominal area, the blood flows in the body in a better way. Therefore, the speed of tissue repair and body recovery increases.

Preservation of the surgical result: The special gun after abdominal surgery by maintaining the new shape of the abdominal area and protecting it from possible injuries to the surrounding environment making the final result appear without problems.

tummy tuck aftercare tips in summary

  1. It is normal to feel pain after abdominoplasty and it can be relieved with the painkillers prescribed by the surgeon in the best plastic surgery in Dubai.
  2. The patient should use the drugs prescribed by the best plastic surgeon according to the instructions.
  3. Start your diet by drinking fluids and including fruits, shrimp, and fish in your diet.
  4. Absolute rest is prohibited after surgery because it will cause blood clots in the lower limbs.
  5. Limit the activity after surgery and avoid putting pressure on the abdominal muscles until the time recommended by the best tummy tuck surgeon in Dubai.
  6. Another tummy tuck aftercare tip is about activities. Exercise is prohibited  for a few weeks after surgery.
  7. Swelling after tummy tuck is normal and it is different in different people it will subside gradually and by following some points.
  8. When resting, to reduce pressure and pain, keep the body bent and place the head higher than usual.
  9. Wearing a compression garment , which is one of the most important tummy tuck aftercare, is to create uniform pressure on the abdomen to prevent blood clots and bleeding.
  10. In the first week after abdominal cosmetic surgery, it is necessary to visit to check the treated area.
  11. For 2 weeks after abdominoplasty, the diet should be with minimum sodium consumption.
  12. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for two months after abdominal surgery.
  13. It is normal to have bloody discharge and slight bruising in the abdomen for a few days after abdominal surgery, and if you experience severe bleeding, you should see a doctor.

Exercise after abdominoplasty

In the early days after abdominal surgery, even the simplest daily tasks, such as getting out of bed and changing clothes, seem the most difficult. During this period, it is suggested not to be strict about doing unnecessary work and to get help from your family members to do normal work. Also, refrain from doing any sports activities for a while so that the body’s reaction to the tummy tuck procedure is determined.

When do you start walking after a tummy tuck?

Walking, as one of the important tummy tuck aftercare helps in better blood circulation, and this flow is considered an important factor for reducing inflammations and swellings caused by surgery and preventing blood clots.

So as soon as you feel you can stand on your feet (the sooner the better), take a short walk in the same recovery room or your home environment. It is better to have a family member or friend with you to help you if needed. During the next week, gradually increase the speed of your steps and walking distance.

When do you start running after abdominoplasty?

While it is recommended to walk immediately after abdominal surgery; Running is not recommended at all. Because the abdominal muscles are undergoing recovery and running causes the muscles to stretch and injure them. Most people can start running after 4 to 6 weeks of surgery.

When can you do weight loss and fat-burning exercises?

Another tummy tuck aftercare tip about activities after surgery is about running. A large number of men and women can continue their sports activities after 6 weeks. If you were involved in sports activities before the abdominoplasty in Dubai, you must be physically fit enough to continue your pre-surgery exercise program, otherwise, you must start exercising from the beginning.

Even if you were engaged in activities such as weight lifting before the surgery and lifting various weights and dumbbells during exercise, in the first 6 weeks after the tummy tuck, it is necessary to avoid carrying and lifting weights of more than 6 Refuse kg. When your body gradually gets used to sports activities, you can gradually increase the weight of your weight.

Tummy tuck aftercare – How to sleep after abdominoplasty

In the first days and weeks after abdominal surgery, the way you sleep is very important. Proper sleep increases the speed of recovery and provides the proper time for the body to function in the direction of tissue and skin repair. It will be difficult to sleep on your back after the operation. For this reason, most people tend to sleep on their hips or stomach. But this will not be possible. When sleeping, you should put the head higher than the body and the body should take a slightly bent position. This makes you more comfortable and finally achieves the desired result.

To how to sleep after abdominoplasty, you have two options. The first is that you can use several pillows. In this way, you can sleep in a semi-sitting position by placing a pillow behind your back and under your head. Many people choose this position to sleep. Because it is convenient and easy. But if you are among the people who move a lot in sleep, maybe this method is not a very suitable option for you.

In the second case, you can use sofas or armchairs. By lying on these comfortable sofas, the necessary bending is created in the body position, and also the head and feet are placed a little higher. You can put your hands on the sofa handles. The structure of this comfortable sofa is such that it does not allow you to move too much in your sleep.

If the abdominal surgery is done on a small scale, you should sleep in a semi-sitting position for 1 to 3 weeks. But if you had a complete abdominal surgery, you should choose one of these two positions for sleeping for 4 to 6 weeks.

Tummy tuck aftercare – Swelling after abdominoplasty

Swelling of the surgical area after tummy tuck is completely normal. After surgery, the body sends white blood cells and other immune and defense components to the operated area to start the healing process. The increase in body fluids at that point causes swelling to form in the early stages of the recovery period. We said that swelling is the body’s natural response to injury. The best plastic surgeon in Dubai offers you solutions for tummy tuck aftercare so that the swelling at the surgical site heals faster:

The use of a special medical gene: earlier in the article Secret of Surgery, a more complete explanation about the benefits of using a gene after abdominoplasty has been provided, and one of the cases of its use and impact is related to the swelling after the Tommy Tuck operation. According to the advice of the doctor, wearing these gloves day and night during the initial weeks of the recovery period, due to their compact structure, the swelling will decrease favorably.

Mobility and activity: After abdominal cosmetic surgery, rest is necessary, but at the same time, you should also have some light activity. Immobility and staying still in one place increase the possibility of blood clots. But if you walk a little during the day, you will help the blood flow. In this way, the swelling is reduced and the recovery is faster.

Nutrition: A detailed explanation about nutrition has been provided to you. You should use foods that do not lead to constipation so that the surgical area is not put under pressure and its swelling does not increase. In addition, drink water and liquids seriously. Staying hydrated helps reduce swelling after surgery.

How to sleep: How to sleep after an tummy tuck can also be effective in improving swelling. Try to correct your sleeping position according to the process taught in the article.

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