Fractional Microneedle RF

Fractional Microneedle RF scarlet S

After Fractional Laser

By Blue Angel Poly Clinic

Before Fractional Laser

By Blue Angel Poly Clinic

The First True Fractional Microneedle RF

It provides direct heat to the epidermis and dermis by precise depth control from 0.5mm to 3.5mm. Its efficient fractional radiofrequency offers fractional and continuous treatment patterns.

Mechanism of Scarlet S

  • Electrodes inserted into the dermal tissue
  • Short pulse RF shooting (55~50°C)
  • Create a thermal coagulation zone
Working Mechanism
3 Mode
  • F : Face mode for Volumetric Tightening & Lifting, Acne & Acne Scar, Double chin
  • B : Body mode for Neck Wrinkle, Sagging Arm, Body Tightening
  • L : Lifting mode? for Pore, Scar, Stretch Mark

Skin Rejuvenation with CW(Continuous-Wave RF)

RF energy is continuously irradiated to the tissue over a set conduction time. The temperature of skin tissue rises above 60℃. This sufficeint Energy causes tissue protein denaturation or collagen coagulation, stimulating wound healing process and dermal remodeling. It is suitable for skin rejuvenation, tightening, lifting and scar treatment

Na Effect

“Na Effect” is the world’s first discovery of skin reactions according to bipolar RF energy through non-insulated needles.
Tissue coagulation begins at each tip of the microneedle electrode and as the condition time increases, it forms a water-drop or cocoon shape, with less impact on the epidermis

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