Forehead lift Post-operative Instruction


Following the recommended forehead lift post-operative instruction can have a very important effect on the result you get from this procedure. In this section of the Blue Angel Clinic website, the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, we want to explain all the necessary tips and instructions after forehead lift surgery so that patients do not have to worry about their recovery period.


forehead lift post-operative instruction


The importance of forehead lift post-operative instruction

Some patients may think that everything is over when the surgery is completed and they leave the operating room. But you should know that it is not so. Rather, the recovery period has just started and it is necessary to follow the post-operative instructions.

Following forehead lift post-operative instruction are important in two ways. First, if you want the final result of the forehead lift surgery to be favorable and satisfactory, it is necessary to follow the instructions. Because the tissues of the skin and face have changed and need time to repair.

The second thing that makes forehead lift post-operative tips important is to prevent possible complications. After the surgery, due to the presence of wounds on the skin, there is a possibility that complications such as infection will appear; So, to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to take care of that area.

In the pre-op consultation session with the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, he will inform you of all the tips related to the forehead lift post-operative instruction, how to do it, and its importance.

Forehead lift post-op instruction – immediately after surgery

Placing an ice pack around the eyes for 48 hours helps reduce swelling. A thin tube called a drain may be placed under the skin to collect blood and excess fluid. The patient should lie on his back and keep his head elevated for five to seven days. Usually, the doctor asks the patient to visit the office one to two days after the surgery for examination and to check the surgical process.

Pain is not a serious problem after a forehead lift. However, some patients complain of a feeling of stretching and discomfort in the upper part of the head and eyebrows. Therefore, painkillers will be considered for the patient to relieve such symptoms.

You may experience bruising, swelling, and numbness during the first few days. The maximum amount of swelling will be two to three days and after that, it will gradually disappear.

The patient must bathe regularly, because of intravenous fluids. Drinking fluids is always recommended. The bruising of the eyebrow itself is much less than the bruising of the surrounding areas. Any bleeding will collect under the eyelids and cause bruising of the lower eyelid. This bruise will disappear in three to five days. Bathing the day after the surgery is safe. You can use shampoo to wash your hair. Keep in mind that after the brow lift, the scalp is numb, and when using a brush or hot water, be careful not to damage the skin or hair.

How long is the recovery time after the forehead lift?

Forehead lift surgery can be done alone and, in some cases, simultaneously with a facelift. Therefore, your recovery time depends on the number of surgeries performed. Be aware that immediately after the surgery, it’s time to follow the forehead lift post-operative instruction.

Normally, for brow lift surgery, local anesthesia is performed and sometimes general anesthesia can be used instead of local anesthesia. Injecting multiple drugs during surgery reduces post-operative discomfort. In addition to these drugs, after the brow lift, oral drugs are also prescribed to reduce pain.

One day after the surgery, the bandages are opened and the patient is allowed to take a shower. After a week, the recovery level is improved and the patient can do some of his activities. For example; during the first week, you can start daily activities like cooking, and walking. But be careful that you cannot do strenuous activities like lifting and carrying heavy equipment. It is even recommended to rest for a few hours after daily activities.

In the second or third week, you are allowed to drive because you can react easily. During the first month, you can start all your usual activities, but still, avoid heavy work.

The most important forehead lift post-operative instruction

Apply an ice pack

Place an ice bag on the upper and lower parts of the eyes for three days after the forehead lift. After three days of the lift, put a warm compress (check that it is not hot) on the upper and lower eyelids.

Taking medicines

How to take medicines is also an issue that the doctor will explain regarding forehead lift post-operative instruction. To reduce swelling after a forehead lift, you can use pills and medicines prescribed by a good forehead lift surgeon in Dubai. After discharge, drugs should be taken as prescribed and antibiotics should be used once every 6 hours. Painkillers prescribed after surgery should be taken every 6 hours after meals if there is pain.

Taking shower

Go to the bathroom with adhesives three days after the date of surgery; This will make the surgical adhesives wet and you don’t have to worry about it. Do not remove the stickers. One week after eyebrow lift surgery, you go to the bathroom, you can slowly remove the adhesives.

Exercising after forehead lift

forehead lift post-operative instruction provide several tips about the time and intensity of sports activities after surgery. Regarding sports activities, according to the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, we must say slow walking without running can be done one week after surgery. Heavier sports are better to be performed two months after the date of surgery, provided that there is no trauma to the forehead.

How to sleep and rest

One of the most important Foreheads lift aftercare is how to sleep after surgery. When sleeping after a brow lift, note that the head should have an angle of 30 degrees with the ground or flat surface. For 20 days after the eyebrow lift, it is better to sleep on your back.

cosmetic procedures

There is no problem in dyeing your hair after one month from the date of the brow lift surgery, but before that, it is better not to dye your hair. Hair bleaching should be done after three months from the date of eyebrow lift. Eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow removal, eyebrow implantation, and removal of the previous tattoo should be done after two months from the day of lift surgery.

Other forehead lift post-operative instruction:

  • Regarding forehead lift surgery, remember these precautions.
  • Always keep your head higher than your body while resting so that the blood and secretions under the skin are removed from your face.
  • Do not go under the sun as much as possible or use large brimmed hats so that direct sunlight does not fall on your face.
  • Dressings will usually be opened between 24 and 48 hours after the surgery; Until then, be patient.
  • Use face and forehead gel according to your doctor’s recommendations so that your skin reaches its proper condition and does not suffer from any kind of sagging or sagging.
  • within the forehead lift post-operative instruction instruction, it is said to avoid biting, taking large bites, chewing too much, or putting any pressure on facial muscles and skin when eating. In the first few days, it is better to eat liquids, soft foods, and small bites.
  • Do not dye your hair or make-up for a few weeks. You should also be very careful when drying your hair after a shower.
  • There are a few things to note about endoscopic forehead lift: Some surgical instruments may be used to close small incisions in your scalp. These tools will be removed between one and three weeks after the surgery. Sometimes, small metal screws are also used to help maintain the condition of the skin at the place of the stitches. Removing these bases and screws is done painlessly and there is no need to worry.
  • You may feel stiffness and numbness in the forehead and scalp. This area of ​​numbness becomes smaller over time but may persist.

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